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What is 1 or 2?

I stumbled upon the third most watched channel on YOUTUBE today:

Internet Killed Television

I am quite hooked; don't know why.

Ali looks like my friend's sister, a petite version of her,
I know that's part of it.

What I want to know:

If this is number 3, what are the most watched 1 and 2 channels?
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Thumbs up for THOR

I got to see THOR as a early birthday gift; 'twas grand!

I heard from a non-geek/fan who surprised me by seeing it and enjoyed it enough to see it 2nd time. I don't know if I will do that but I definitely enjoyed it as much as IRON MAN (the first) and SPIDER-MAN 2.

Going in - I had heard one negative review out of 20 positive - the negative said it was a 2 hour ad for the Avengers film - I didn't feel that way, though I guess they could have trimmed the "we are SHIELD" bit, although they did need to explain why the authorities hadn't picked up this dude!

Though Anthony Hopkins here was better than he was in BEOWULF(ug) and ALEXANDER (double UG). I even tolerated Natalie Portman being part of another franchise - I was getting sick of her enough not to go see BLACK SWAN. And the rest of the cast really good - glad they gave Stellan Skarsgard (whatever the name is) more to do, otherwise why cast him? People forget he was in the PIRATES movies, too.

It was nice to finally have a big-time movie worthy of summer blockbuster popcorn fun!
John Lennon

Only you

I cannot believe a whole month passed without me being on here -
I thought I was posting on here at least monthly.

I am catching up with friends stuff
but if you are reading this -
please refer me to anything you find really of import - put it in comments below.

all good 2 you,
John Lennon

These 3 Things from Internet Are:

Hello, me little droogies,

This is a
Special holiday edition from me
(as I been oh-so busy and not on here).

Here are three things I have geeked out about online;
I hope you enjoy them, too.

We start with the very funny Chris Dotson’s imitations of David Lynch
(also has anyone noticed Lynch running the bar on
Of what I’ve seen on of my favorites is “Lynch” with someone
Doing Crispin Glover, fighting over the iphone. Here you go:

The zany webisodes of Yacht Rock – if you are a fan of online stuff
and/or 70’s music then
Check this out:

The music of Pomplamoose (you may have been annoyed by them on a car commercial)

I went into the search for them feeling fed up with their holiday songs on TV
And found myself crushing on Nataly Dawn.

Merry Christmas!